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Our mission at the Austin Ale Trail is to provide a product that helps craft beer fans in the Austin area discover new breweries and their next favorite beer.

Our goal is also to keep you connected, as we aim to build a social network within our local craft beer community to continue to add to the joy that is the Austin craft brewery scene.

Thank you to all of the breweries and our sponsors that help make this Ale Trail possible!

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Kwaku Austin Ale Trail


Trail Legend

Kwaku, the founder of Flights with Friends (the company behind the Austin Ale Trail), is an avid fan of craft beer and travel. Each city he visits brings an opportunity to explore a new craft brewery and share that experience with friends near and far.

Flights with Friends started as a podcast, which focused on two friends sitting down and sharing a flight of beers at a craft brewery. The podcast may no longer be active, but the mission of the company and our Ale Trail still rings true – sharing great beer with people you care about!

Favorite Beer Style: Mixed Fermentation Sour
Favorite Austin beer: Central District Brewing – Violet Crown
Favorite Austin places to drink a beer: Uncle Billy’s (RIP), Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden
Favorite non-Austin beer: Altstadt Lager
Favorite nationally-distributed beer: Labatt Blue
Favorite thing about Austin: Lady Bird Lake



Brown Blazer

Jordan is a creative who has traveled the world studying design and drinking beer. He loves how breweries bring people together and serve as a hub for culture, fellowship, and sharing ideas. He uses humor and playfulness in his work to celebrate community, good times, and great beer.

Favorite Beer Style: BBA Stouts Baybee
Favorite Austin beer: Pinthouse Pizza – Jaguar Shark Barrel #9
Favorite Austin places to drink a beer: Craft Pride, Brew & Brew, Radio
Favorite non-Austin beer: 8th Wonder – Rocket Fuel
Favorite nationally-distributed beer: Guinness
Favorite thing about Austin: The Creativity and Food (and Creative Food)



Day Hiker

Kelly is an engineer, digital marketer, and Austin beer lover. He enjoys exploring breweries (locally and while traveling) with his family and friends.

In the early days of the first Austin Ale Trail passport, he met Kwaku at a pop-up event at Friends & Allies and causally asked him who was building his website. A couple of beers later, he was part of the team! 

He dreaded writing this bio for himself and considered it nearly impossible to have only one answer to each of the questions below.

Favorite Beer Style: right now? Pils!
Favorite Austin beer: Lazarus Brewing – 40 Days and 40 Nights
Favorite Austin place to drink a beer: I have 2 small kids, so… Meanwhile!
Favorite non-Austin beer: Green Bench – Sunshine City
Favorite nationally (?) distributed beer: Yuengling 
Favorite thing about Austin: Going for a run at Lady Bird Lake